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attori coi baffi

Signorina cat

in 2006 i was asked by my friend Tiziano Serra to collaborate with him in his solo album “attori coi baffi” (actors with moustaches).
It was already recorded by him with voice and guitar. My task was to fill it with sound images.
In that period i was playing anything that could make a sound so i used a broken african violin, various metal toys, a usb keyboard with a minimoog software and most of all MY CAT Signorina, a beautiful smart european breed black cat.
It was released on lepers netlabel and is still avaible for download (thou is a bit tricky the website, on the homepage click Selvaggi del Borneo and in the popup choose “erezioni” album).
here the link for the .rar file:
Lepers homepage :
also Tiziano Serra, Soundcloud page with full album: attori coi baffi

Selvaggi del Borneo - Attori coi baffi

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